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Focus on Brunswick County

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What attracts so many people to the coast of North Carolina? Is it the Southern charm of its residents, the laid-back way of life or simply the beauty of its shorelines? Where we live is as much about an expression of our personalities as it is finding the place that makes us feels “at home”.

Southern Living, Coastal Living, Garden & Gun and a host of publications have written about a special place in North Carolina, Brunswick County. Amanda Hutcheson of StarNews recently shared what most of us who live in the area can sense, Brunswick County represents one of the hottest destination in North Carolina.

9350_107 Developed coastal communities such as St. James Plantation, Brunswick Plantation, Compass Pointe, Indigo Plantation and Marina, Winding River, Lockwood Folly and Bald Head Island have helped make Brunswick County the fastest-growing county in North Carolina and the 47th-fastest growing county in the nation. The population growth rate from 2012 to 2013 was higher than any other county in North Carolina.

Along with Brunswick County’s assets, its proximity to Myrtle Beach and Wilmington provide a host of added benefit for residents. While the latest census reported substantial growth for the Myrtle Beach and Pender County areas, Brunswick County topped the list. Mike Hargett, Director of Planning and Community Development was quoted in the StarNews article, “The figures reflect continued interest in Brunswick County as a desirable location to live, work and visit. Based on the increasing level of development activity, this positive trend is expected to continue.”

It has never been a better time to explore relocation or second-home in Brunswick County. Before you begin your selection process, it is important to refine your “wish list” and work with someone who can assist in narrowing down and matching your search criteria.

Whether you choose Coastal Realty Connections or one of a number of other capable agencies as your buyer’s agent it can be invaluable to have someone experienced in this ever evolving market working on your behalf.

Finding a new home is as much about connecting to a feeling of belonging than it is about a structure. Explore more about North Carolina’s fastest growing county at http://www.ncbrunswick.com/ and start your search for a new home today.