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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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When you’re trying to sell your home, you tend to spend a lot of time improving the inside of it. Painting the walls, clearing your clutter, replacing hardware, and staging it so it looks open and inviting. While it’s important to do all these things, it’s also a great idea to give some love to the outside, too. This is especially important as the fall and winter months approach, and you can’t count on lush foliage and blooming flowers to do the heavy lifting.

At Coastal Realty Connections, our agents know how to catch a potential buyer’s eye and convince them that southeastern North Carolina is the place to be. By making the following five tweaks and focusing on curb appeal, your home will look great, inside and out.

1. Pepper Your Porch with Potted Plants

Keep your front yard healthy by watering your lawn, raking your leaves, and making sure your grass is tidy. If you’ve got a good porch, dress it up with a few potted flowers. A burst of orange mums or yellow Gerber daises is a great way to celebrate autumn while keeping things cozy.

2. Dress Up Your Mailbox

If your mailbox has seen better days, it’s time to get a new one. This is a simple fix that will give you plenty of bang for your buck. Make sure it fits the style of your home, looks clean and well-kept, and opens and shuts easily. At the very least, your mail carrier will be impressed!

3. Paint Your Front Door

Trade in your boring black, white, or forest green front door and opt for a bright and welcoming hue instead. A fun color can bring some personality to your home and help it stand out. Just make sure not to go overboard. While red or yellow is eye-catching, an out-of-the box color like pink or purple can be an eyesore.

4. Spring for a New Doormat

If you live in a busy home, you know that doormats can become faded fairly quickly. Between the kids, their friends, and the dog, they don’t last long! (But hey—at least everyone is wiping their feet.) Instead of shaking out your doormat or hosing it down for the twentieth time, splurge on a new one and enjoy a few blissful weeks of bright colors and a bold welcome.

5. Clean Out of the Gutter

It’s an annoying chore, but a necessary one—cleaning out your gutters. You’re your ladder and make sure they’re clear of debris, especially after a stormy summer. If you have older gutters, replacing them with a newer, snap-fit vinyl system is an easy project that can be done in just a few hours.

While we all know it’s what on the inside that matters, it doesn’t pay to discount the outside of your home during the selling process. A little curb appeal goes a long way, and can be the thing that closes the deal. If you’re ready to make your real estate dreams come true, contact Coastal Realty Connections today. Our team of talented agents would love to help.